Friday, August 12, 2011

Mushroomy Walls

Finally got to watch Jane Eyre tonight! (Or, rather, last's already 2:30 am Friday now haha) It was quite good, but too short (although it's 2 hrs); it felt like the story was cut up too much so people who have not read the book wouldn't really get the feelings of the characters the book portrayed. Hmm... but all in all, I loved it hehehe.

Suddenly had an idea for a chair; so drew it up in VectorWorks and photoshop-ed it a bit.
Added in some outlines of the mushrooms from an illustration I'm currently working on :P

Hopefully I'll be able to make it? I might start off with some models & prototypes first haha.



Chiau Hui said...

This simple chair looks cosy and comfy to sit on! Love it!

AshSociety said...

=O I wanna go watch Jane Eyre... prolly on Tuesday xD

Is VectorWorks a free program?

jacmatsuo said...

hi ash!

no, vectorworks is not free hehhee; but u can try using SketchUp! :D